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Below you'll find Merchants and Products which speak to the topic of this site and which, in keeping with our mission as The Web's Concierge, have been carefully chosen and individually screened for your shopping ease and pleasure. They are not paid ads, but rather companies with whom we have selectively chosen to partner. We do earn a referral fee if you find something you like or need and purchase it. We have striven to bring you the "best in breed" companies ... those that: we like, our friends like, have great sites and service, have good online reviews, positive consumer reports, and are family friendly. Keep us posted with regards to your own personal experiences with them.

You may be surprised at companies that have not been included. The "noisiest" in the marketplace are not always the best. We have chosen 1) newer innovative companies that are performing well and garnering respect in their respective niches as well as 2) "Main Street" companies that have been reliably getting the job done for decades ... in some cases centuries. Our oldest partner, thus far, has been in business since 1819! That's staying power.

Rest assured, if we've included a certain vendor in a site's line-up, there's a very specific reason for it. You may have to hunt and poke a bit, but it'll be well worth the effort. Enjoy the adventure!

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Customer Favorites:

Brookstone: A specialty retailer offering an assortment of consumer products that are functional in purpose, distinctive in quality and design, and not widely available from other retailers ... just the coolest place to find the neat, the unusual, the pragmatic, and most importantly, the innovative! (They have long been "the" leader in the "travel comfort and preparedness" column ... it sure helped sell their wares in all those airport stores.) Always a satisfying shopping experience.

Gift Baskets of Fruit, Cheese & Gourmet Food!

Capalbo's: Discriminating Gifts Baskets for ANY occasion (They are also the proprietors of and ... their main portal takes gift basket customization to a whole new level.). NY-based. Ships predominantly within the US. The largest online marketplace for chocolate ... featuring thousands of handmade products from hundreds of chocolate shops across the USA. When it comes to chocolate ... the absolute bomb!

Macy's: And yes ... it is still magical ... even after all these years. Another beautifully organized "department store" with a vast array of goods. Almost as much fun to shop online as at 34th Street! At least you don't have to deal with the crowds!

ProFlowers: Send Flowers, Plants, and Gourmet Gifts for any occasion. They've been offering fresh-from-the-field flowers since 1998 and doing it well.

Stumps: If you need to decorate and throw a party for any event or occasion such as: school functions (including proms, homecoming, graduations), weddings, parades, "coming out" events (Deb Balls or Quinceneara), fundraisers, golf outings and tourneys, fundraisers, church functions, retirement parties, and even restaurant-based parties of any kind, etc, etc ... Stumps is your go to resource. Since 1926!

The New York Times Online Store: Great Gifts born from a legendary newspaper's archives. You'll be amazed at the possibilities here! Plan to spend the afternoon. The archives are just the beginning ... there's signed sports memorabilia, fine paintings, antiquarian books,, etc. The breadth and quality of inventory is stupefying!!

More Resources:

A. T. Cross: For generations, Cross pens have always stood out as a sign of distinction and success. Receiving one's first Cross pen/pencil set when you graduated from high school or college was almost a rite of passage (I know I considered it as such when I received mine!) and your Cross pen was used to sign any and every document where the signing needed to make a statement. The same goes for all the Cross wares ... for over a century and a half, Cross has been producing fine writing instruments, timepieces, and professional and executive accessories. Always the perfect gift. (And ... if you're a germaphobe when it comes to "passing the pen" ... try out their new copper pen with antimicrobial properties ... very cool ... looks great!)

Amazon: One of the planet's most mind-boggling arrays of goods. First came the books. Now they've added every other product on the planet. The ultimate in selection and convenience across multiple categories.

Gift Baskets of Wine & Champagne at Wine, cheese, and gourmet food & fruit baskets. Ships predominantly within the US. State laws re alcohol apply.

Clubs of America: Offering Gift-of-Month Clubs since 1994. They offer the following gift club options ... beer, wine, fruit, flowers, cigars, coffee, chocolate, and pizza. Known for subscription length flexibility and customer service. A great gift option.

Harry & David: The ultimate purveyors of "the food gift" ... this Oregon company has been shipping care packages of fruit, chocolates, and other gourmet goodies for 80 years!

Kohl's: One amazing department store - if you put it in your home, on your body, or if it involves sports, play, or toys of any type, they've got it. (A hint ... if you are looking for counter or bar stools, this is probably the most extensive selection on the planet!) This favorite shopping destination has become one of the Web's 5 top favorite places to shop ... the company has worked its way into the Fortune 50. They've really covered all the bases when it comes to customers' "wants and likes".

Wind & Weather: Providing just a really neat selection of weather instruments and stations as well as "wind and weather" related home decor (indoors and out) such as wind chimes and weathervanes. They've "been at home with nature" since 1976. You don't have to be a weather geek to enjoy this site ... again, just lots and lots of neat stuff from the practical and decorative to the vintage and whimsical ... great for gift shopping. We love it!

Welcome to ... an unlimited network of sites encompassing all your special interests and favorite destinations. Our aim: to make your online browsing, shopping, and socializing easier, more efficient, and even more private. Explore and Enjoy!
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